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10′ Tilt-Lock™ Base Shoe – Brushed Anodized Silver
10′ Tilt-Lock™ Base Shoe – Brushed Anodized Silver
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10′ Tilt-Lock™ Base Shoe – Brushed Anodized Silver

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One base shoe, two ways to mount

The new Tilt-Lock™ Base Shoe was designed for versatility. It features pre-drilled mounting holes on both sides, and bottom. So you can rely on just one base shoe for both top mount and fascia mount jobs*.

Available in two architectural finishes, the Tilt-Lock™ base shoe includes the hardware you’ll need to kickstart your installation.

What’s included:
  • 10′ Channel
  • Cladding
  • End caps
  • Joining gasket
  • 4 Joining pins
  • 20 Stabilizing washers
  • 20 Flat washers

*Fascia mount installations will require the 10′ Tilt-Lock™ Cover Kit for Fascia Mount (RS80-BAS) in order to cover the exposed bottom mounting holes.

Tilt-Lock™ Glass Mounting Kit

With the Tilt-Lock™ Glass Mounting Kit, you’re in control of how plumb your panels are. Just grab an M12 wrench, turn the nuts of the mounting clamps, and watch as your glass tilts forwards and backwards. Check for plumb with a level and lock into place.

Pair your base shoe with one of our kits, available for three different glass thicknesses.

Glass mounting kits are available for:
  • 1/2” glass
  • 9/16” glass
  • 13/16” glass
Safe and reliable

The Tilt-Lock™ Base Shoe System has undergone rigorous testing and complies with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code. So you can continue doing your best work, keeping you and your clients safe.

  • Certified by Miami-Dade County, Notice of Acceptance # 21-0312.07
Weight 65 lbs
Pkg Size 124 × 6.25 × 4.25 in



Brushed Anodized Silver

Mounting Type

Fascia mount, Top mount

Glass thickness (Inches)

13/16 inch, 1/2", 9/16"

Glass Type

Tempered and laminated glass

Mounting Hole Diameter (Bottom)

11/16 inch (17.02 mm)

Mounting Hole Diameter (Side)

11/16 inch (17.02 mm)

Drilling Center-to-Center (Bottom)

6 inches (152.62 mm)

Drilling Center-to-Center (Side)

4 inches (101.74 mm)


4 5/8 inches (118.17 mm)


10 feet


3 3/8 inches (85.87 mm)


Miami-Dade County NOA # 21-0312.07


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