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The Box™ The Ultimate In-line Frameless Shower Door Kit – Designed for Glass Pros!
The Box™ The Ultimate In-line Frameless Shower Door Kit – Designed for Glass Pros!
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The Box™ The Ultimate In-line Frameless Shower Door Kit – Designed for Glass Pros!

 We know that installing glass shower doors can be a hassle, even for pros. Frameless Shower doors are stylish and fit almost any decor, making them a popular choice. 

Once installed, a frameless shower door is easy to care for and will remain in place for years to come. It would be nice if they were always quick and easy to install. Nothing is worse than hitting needless snags during a job, especially when you can avoid it. 

It’s probably happened to you before: you walk into a job site, begin installing the Shower door, and find that you don’t have all of the pieces. You dash back to your work vehicle and dig through piles of spare parts. Maybe you find it, or perhaps you have to call the shop to find the missing piece. Worst of all, you might have to spend precious time running to a glass hardware supplier to buy the part you need.

Because of such delays, you might not finish the job on time. We know your time is precious. You don’t need headaches and delays that didn’t have to happen. So how do you make sure that you always have the parts you need, when and where you need them?

It’s easy: the solution is buying The Box™. We put all the materials you need into one convenient kit. Grab one box per traditional in-line frameless shower installation and instantly save both time and money. After seeing how easy it is to get the job done with The Box™, you’ll never go back to sorting through a bunch of small boxes to find what you need. 

As A Glass Installer, What’s My Benefit With The Box™

 We provide glass hardware, supplies, and other accessories to glaziers and installers. We’ve seen the kinds of problems that can arise on a worksite, so we stepped in to help. Installing in-line frameless shower doors shouldn’t be a schedule-disrupting event. Now, you can make sure that all of your shower door installations go as smoothly as possible and you maximize your profits. 


A shower enclosure with glass panels that you install without metal frames shouldn’t be a big deal. But scrabbling for hardware, finding pieces with mismatched colors, or leaving the site to get what you need can derail your workflow. We get it. There’s not much hardware involved, but everything still needs to be all in one place. Frameless shower doors are part of the popular minimalist trend. We aim to keep delays minimal, too.

Frameless Shower Doors: Looks Simple, But It's A Pro’s Job!

A traditional in-line frameless shower door has one fixed panel and a wall-mounted swinging door. You’ll typically use three glass clips to secure the fixed panel, have two hinges for the swinging door, and a pull handle. That’s six pieces of hardware, not counting screws or anchors. 

You’ve probably experienced ordering the hardware for this kind of job bit by bit, and somehow never being left with a full set at the bottom of your bins. When you’re at the job site, you might have come up short on hardware. Maybe the new guy forgot how to count, or thought you only needed two clamps per shower. Or, perhaps someone didn’t notice the difference between chrome and brushed nickel when picking out the set for you. 

We understand how annoying that can be.

Leave all of that bother behind. IGT Glass Hardware has pioneered The Box™, the all-in-one shower hardware kit that ensures you’ll  never scramble for parts again. With The Box™, you can see every piece of hardware at once, settled neatly in one compact (recycled!) cardboard package. 

Imagine your client watching you install their shower door, eager to see how good the bathroom will look when you’re finished. Would you rather dig through the piles of mess supplies…or whip out The Box™?

Your client will surely be more impressed with the tidy, organized appearance of a boxed kit of hardware, thus reflecting on your company’s professionalism. It makes you look prepared, efficient, and on top of your game. Making a great impression on your client leads to better satisfaction, more referrals, and a better industry reputation. 

What Colors Does The Box™ Have?

At first, the hardware in The Box™ only came in our two most popular finishes: chrome and brushed nickel. We then extended the finish options to Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, Polished Gun Metal and Gold Brush. A gold-tone finish option is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

We use on the packaging of our The Box™ reusable and recycled materials. While it’s a bit more expensive for us than conventional cardboard, it’s our contribution to being more environmentally friendly on the planet. We see it as doing our part to create a better world. Packaging and shipping hardware products can generate a lot of waste, so we’re giving back by making The Box™ with recyclable materials. 

We designed The Box™ with a simple color scheme: it is red and bears two logos that represent our brand values: “Let’s make it simple” and “We solve it or reinvent it.” Our vision for The Box™ is to simplify the installation process while eliminating boxes, enhancing your job site’s organization, and reducing the time you spend checking for pieces and parts. We think we’ve made that vision a reality.

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