Silberschnitt Diamantor Glass Cutter- 6 Cutting Wheels
Silberschnitt Diamantor Glass Cutter- 6 Cutting Wheels
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Silberschnitt Diamantor Glass Cutter- 6 Cutting Wheels

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The Bohle Silberschnitt 6-wheel glass cutter is a precision glass cutting tool that will make every glazier installation job easier. It has a straight cutting head for general-purpose glass fabrication, cutouts, and trimming. This well-designed handheld glazier cutter is one of the bestselling glass cutting tools in the world and is widely known for its quality.

All of the wheels and turrets are replaceable, giving you years of use from a single well-built product. Replaceable blades and turrets are economical and reduce environmental impact compared to disposable cutting tools. This glass cutter works on a 130° hone angle and includes a comfortably contoured wooden handle to reduce hand fatigue during use. The wood for the handle is sourced exclusively from ecologically approved and controlled timber, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

The Bohle Silberschnitt glass cutter features a turret, head, and six cutting wheels made of nickel-plated tempered steel alloy. The included oil-soaked felt ring adds automatic lubrication for the wheels and axles as you cut the glass, allowing you to dry-cut your glass projects without using external lubrication. If you’re looking for the best glazier’s tool to cut glass, pick up the Bohle Silberschnitt 6-wheel glass cutter for your next glass installation project.

Weight 0.06 lbs
Pkg Size 0.688 × 0.875 × 5.5 in
Glass Thickness

1/8"(3mm) – 3/18"(10mm)


Straight Cutting Head for General Purpose

Cutting Angle

130 Degree Hone Angle


Comfortably Contoured Wood Handle


Limited 3 years warranty


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